Sunday, July 22, 2012

Batman Massacre

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I have been meaning to sit down and write something for this entire past week. So... Today is the day. It has been way too hot down here in Oklahoma to do anything and we are being drained of all energy around here. And to think -- August is yet to come! *UGH* Although, there are a few positives to August this year for us. B and G have decided to get married next month and A will be starting Pre-Kindergarten! A is currently away with family over the summertime but will be back just as the school year gets ready to kick off. He is having a blast with his grandparents in Iceland and can't even be bothered to Skype with his mom on the computer. *HEHE* Such a boy...  <3

A recent photo of our son, A:

2012.07.05 @ Íþróttamiðstöðin í Grafarvogi
Description: Íþróttamiðstöðin í Grafarvogi is the home of the Icelandic sports team Fjölnir and is located in Reykjavík, Iceland. The teams at Fjölnir play several different individual and team sports ranging from soccer to handball, swimming to tennis, track to wrestling, and many more. There is also a public swimming pool at this location which is always fun to visit. Icelandic swimming pools are open year-round and are heated according to the weather. Even if it happens to be snowing or hailing, you can still find Icelandic people relaxing in the hot tubs at the local public pools. Good times!  ;-)

Last weekend B and G went to Wichita, KS, to visit B's family and celebrate K's (B's sister) birthday with her. K and her fiance J are also getting married this year. They are planning their wedding for October. Wichita was fun and we met some of B's friends. We spent time with his family, watched a movie at the cinema, and checked out the bar scene a bit. All in all, we had a great time.  :-)  

The movie we watched was called Snow White and the Huntsman and we thought it was pretty good. A link to the movie's trailer is posted below. This film is about Snow White with all of her beauty and how her evil step-mother keeps her locked up after her father has been stabbed to death. Snow White eventually gets away from her step-mother but is being hunted by the Huntsman who's job is to bring her back to the evil step-mother's kingdom. The evil step-mother is after Snow White's heart so that she can remain the fairest in the land and live forever. That's as much as I will give away to you. If you like medieval themed movies and fairy tales gone bad, then I recommend you watch it. Like I said, we both enjoyed it.

Snow White and the Huntsman - Official Movie Trailer 2012:

More than likely, you have already heard some talk about the so-called Batman Massacre that happened at the midnight showing of the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises, last Friday. The accused gunman shot and killed at least 12 people as well as leaving 58 wounded after the attack at a movie theater in Aurora, CO (Slosson and Francescani, 2012). The names of the killed victims are currently being released. The victims of this attack ranged from six to 51 years of age. Our hearts certainly go out the families of the victims. This is a horrible thing that nobody should have to experience. Pure evil. That's it. *SAD FACE* And to think -- The killer is a young man that was working on his doctorate degree in neuroscience... What went wrong?! You can't help but wonder what went wrong. One of the people that was present in the movie theater at the time of the shooting blogged about her first-hand experience and how it brought both her and her two teenage daughters closer to God (Marie, 2012). Although, I am by no means a religious person, I did enjoy this blog post. The author talks about how something so tragic can be transformed into a more positive event and I can surely relate to that. An interesting read, nonetheless.

Back to a more basic reality... Still no luck in the job search.  :-(  Because of this, G has decided to invest in re-taking a CNA (certified nurse aide) and CHHA (certified home health aide) course (Wings, 2012) that she has taken before along with renewing her CPR certification just to ensure herself a job opportunity. The next open course won't start until late August but we are running out of options here. This is becoming a last resort. The course itself only takes two weeks to complete and then G can go and take the state tests so that she may be certified... Again. This will end up costing almost $1,000 but there is no way around it. It needs to happen. Whoopie...!  :-)  But not to worry...

The Thought for the Day:

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!  ;-)

-- G

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