Monday, July 9, 2012

Deadly Heat Wave

Good morning and happy Monday!

Hopefully your day is off to a good start just as mine is. The sunrise this morning was beautiful and G really enjoyed watching it this morning as she sat outside with the day's first cup of coffee. Breathtaking! G is currently reviewing some old photos that have been taken over the past few months and thought it might be nice to share a family photo with you all. So here goes...

Our Family Photo:

2011.12.17 @ Rhema Bible Church's Christmas Lights Extravaganza
Description: Rhema Bible Church in Broken Arrow, OK, has an annual celebration of lights "...designed to provide a safe, peaceful, and fun atmosphere in which people can enjoy the Christmas season, and to point visitors to the love of Christ and the real meaning of Christmas" (Rhema, 2009). It really is a sight worth seeing if you're ever in Oklahoma around the holiday season.

On the Today show this morning, Al Roker mentioned that 74 people have been killed in 14 states as a result of this crazy heat wave that had taken over the United States for the past few weeks. How unfortunate is that?! Crazy. But, on a lighter note, we are finally going to get some relief from the heat wave this week. Here in Tulsa we have been seeing temperatures in the triple digits for several weeks now. This week's forecast is great, though. Low 90s... Awesome!

Our Local 7-Day Forecast (Scripps, 2012):

G has been job hunting for several months now but still has not been able to find a job. She has gone in for a few interviews but is beginning to lose faith... *HMMPH* This is not good. In May, she graduated with her Bachelors in Psychology with an emphasis on Mental Health from a local university but is having the hardest time finding a job! So far she has submitted applications and resumes to 45 different employers -- with requests for more than one position at the majority of these places -- and still nothing. Frustration is setting in...! Please, please, please let her find something soon. *CROSSES FINGERS* Something good has to come from all of this... Right?!

While browsing YouTube the other day, G came across a bunch of musical talent that she had never heard of and now she wants to share some of it with you. Today we will start with a band that call themselves The Paper Kites. They are from Melbourne in Australia and play beautiful music. There is one song in particular that G just fell in love with. It is called Bloom and tends to be replayed around our house quite a bit these days. The video for the above mentioned song is here below. If you like what you hear, you can click your way on over to the band's webpage and download one of their tracks for free. All you have to do is to sign up for The Paper Kites' mailing list and you will receive a link that will allow you to download their song Woodland off of the Woodland album at no charge to you (Paper Kites, 2012).

The Paper Kites - Bloom:

And now for some serious talk -- weight loss and exercise! This is disgraceful... G worked so hard for such a long time to lose weight and now has been gaining a lot of it back. She was down 54 pounds from her original weight and has gained 16 of those pounds back. Eek! A change in diet and additional exercise must come into play now. This is not working out. As of this morning, G is 160.7 pounds but her goal is to reach 140 pounds. Blogging about her weight loss goal and journey may help to serve as further motivation -- or at least that's what she likes to believe.  ;-)  If you would like to make a change of your own in terms of your health, feel free to join in and we can make this trip together!

I'm wondering if I've said too much already today?! Maybe this would be a good place to stop. As I call it quits for today, I will leave you with this...

The Thought for the Day:

Now get out there and enjoy the rest of your Monday!

-- G

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  1. Hey G!!Can't stay away from the blogging, eh?? Lol. Glad to see you again. You CAN lose that weight again, girlie, log, exercise, eat mindfully...... yeah. you know! So I'll check in on you on line!!

  2. Thanks, Debio! What can I say -- I love to write. :-) It makes me happy. And I do a lot better with the written word than trying to have everything come out of my mouth sounding right. *LOL* I am trying to keep myself in line but it's hard. This darn stress is driving me up the wall... What better to do then than to use that energy to write and exercise?! At least I hope that's a bit better than using it to stuff my face with junk food. ;-) I just got back from a bike ride at the park. It only lasted 10 minutes but my legs are burning! I'm contemplating whether to make my way to the YMCA this evening for a group fitness class... It's just so hot out there that I don't even want to leave the apartment! Definitely keep checking on me -- I could use a kick in the butt or three. Enjoy the rest of your day!