Friday, July 27, 2012

Our August Wedding

Good evening to you!

It's been another hot day in Oklahoma... Wild, we say!  ;-)  And here we are -- Planning an outdoor August wedding. *LOL* Yup. We're crazy like that. But it's going to be fun! So... We have now set the date for our big day. B and G are will become Mr. and Mrs. H on August 24th, 2012. We are very excited for 08.24.12 and are beginning our wedding plans. We are not having a big old party wedding but more of a get-together with our closest family members and possibly some friends. G went dress shopping with her sister-in-law M on Monday and found an absolutely stunning wedding dress that she instantly fell in love with. She has been forbidden to show B the dress until the day of the wedding.  <3  He is going to love it!

G has also found out that she will not have to retake the CNA/CHHA course again. Or at least hopefully not. Apparently, all she has to do is to retest in order to become certified again. But she only has one shot at the test! If she does not pass it that first time, she will end up having to retake the entire course over again and paying that huge amount that we had talked about in the previous post. *UGH* No stress, right...?!  :-/  Yesterday, G went and got her CPR for Healthcare Providers done and is already signed up for a Medication Administration Training (MAT) course for Monday and Tuesday of next week. Then hopefully next week sometime she will get that letter from the Nurse Aide Registry that states her eligibility to retest -- Then she can finally start work somewhere. *YAY* More than likely, she will be working at a local hospital with Auntie M.  :-)

The Thought for the Day:

Anyway... There's this cool website out there if you are interested in downloading free music -- The legal way.  ;-)  If you go to the DatPiff website (Idle, 2012) and create an account, you can start downloading free copies of mix tapes from various artists in the hip hop and r&b genres. Some of the mixtapes are sponsored so that you don't even have to be logged in to download them. Pretty cool stuff! There is one young and upcoming artist that I am especially fond of. His name is Robert Lucido and he is half-Icelandic. G is from Iceland, too.  :-)  Robert sings r&b and he's pretty darn good at it, too! You can download his full album called Trials and Tribulations on DatPiff if you're interested in hearing more of his music. G's favorite song so far is called Take My Devils Away. Here is one of his music videos:

Robert Lucido - Satisfied:

G wasn't feeling too good this past week and now it appears that B has taken over the illness around here. Hopefully he will be feeling better by tomorrow so that we can go and visit a co-worker of his to hang out. G is also headed out of town tomorrow morning with her brother to look at a car for their dad. Maybe it's time to call it a night and go cuddle a bit before bed.  ;-)

Have a great Friday night, y'all!

-- G

Idle Music, Inc. (2012). DatPiff: The authority in free mixtapes. Retrieved from:

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